Saturday, 1 December 2007

It's a Fix!

During my bus journey, I read an interview in Sport magazine with Harry Redknapp, the Southampton football manager. Redknapp is asked the following:

Don’t footballers these days have everything taken care of by a team of ‘fixers’? I read a while ago about a Fulham player calling out the club’s ‘fixer’ because his goldfish was swimming in the wrong direction.

[Laughs, somewhat ruefully] "I’m not sure about that, but they do have people to take care of things for them – particularly the foreign lads, who come over to a different way of life." Harry Redknapp Interview

When I got off the bus I headed to the Guildhall to use their library. Outside there were lots of cameras. I asked one man what was going on. He said they were filming a TV drama called The Fixer.

That's what I call match fixing. :-)


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