Monday, 26 November 2007

What is Death?

A lot of people perceive the universe as split into that which is Spirit that is all sweetness and light; and the physical/material that is based on suffering and learning lessons. There is now much "evidence" from people who have had near death experiences, and from people who have passed on that there is no death, which has to be a good thing. However, these testimonies only reinforce the belief in the spirit-matter paradigm.

Speaking of which, in yesterday's "Sixth Sense", the medium, Colin Fry passed on a message to a woman and her brother from their deceased mother. Their mother said she used to be hypochondriac and now realises how she drove her family bonkers. She said she always treated her children as possessions. It's only now that she is on the "other side" that she can see how awful she was to her family. She asked for their forgiveness. The brother and sister were able to relate to Colin's message and were very grateful for the opportunity to make peace with their mother.

After that, I watched Crossing Over with John Edward, another medium. He talked about how "spirit" folk are not interested in what's going on in the human realm i.e. what people are up to. Their only concern is to remind us to love one another and to show how we are in essence only love.

If we are only love, why do I have to wait till I "cross over" before I experience myself as Spirit/Love? Surely, I can be my real self that is all sweetness and light here and now.

As a child I went through various programmes/conditioning, which are based on fear and separation. I even believed this self that is the product of beliefs and conditioning was my real self. Then I realised that self was only a counterfeit of my true self. I also realised that in order to be my true self I had to die to who I thought I was.

Let's return to the mother in "Sixth Sense" who wanted to apologise to her children for her behaviour. It was only when she "died" and let go of that self that is born of fear that she was able to see from the perspective of love. For her that meant asking for forgiveness. She could easily have "died" to that self while in form. Then she would have been able to be her true self that is infinite love and never be separated from her loved ones.

For me, the "spiritual path" is really about choosing to be my true self now. However, I know I can't have it both ways - I can't be both love and fear. If I choose the true self then I have to choose it 100%. This reminds me of a scene in the film, Men in Black, which I watched again last night.

Edwards, a police officer, is asked to join the Men in Black (MIB) - "a top-secret agency that polices, monitors and directs alien activity on Earth." He's told that if he accepts the job offer, he's going to have to let go of his former identity and sever all human contacts. It's going to be as if he never existed. After giving it some serious thought, Edwards decides he's ready to join the MIB with hilarious consequences.

All right. I'm in because there's some next-level shit going on around here, and I'm with that. Before you beam me up, there are a couple of things we need to get straight. You chose me 'cause you recognize the skills. So as of now you can cease with all of that calling me "son" or "kid" or "sport." Cool?

Cool, slick. Now about those skills of yours,

The elevator doors --


-- slide open on Men in Black headquarters.

As of this moment, they don't mean much.
Men in Black Script

Edwards soon realises that as an MIB, he's experiencing a different paradigm with aliens who use alien technology. Naturally, his previous "skills" are no longer appropriate.

In the same respect, when you choose to experience life as the true self, your experience of the world changes. Your life is full of magic and wonder and your ways seem rather strange and baffling to those who consider themselves to be "only human."

I'm really glad that mediums like John Edward, Colin Fry and many others are opening people's eyes to the reality that there is no death and that there is only love. The next step is to realise that the universe is not divided into a spirit realm and a physical realm. There is only spirit in infinite manifestations. I hope more and more people come to realise that they don't have to "die" to be their true selves; that they can be this self now. That is what I believe heaven on earth means - living as love right here on earth.

I am free to be my true self in the here and now.


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