Saturday, 10 November 2007

There is Always Light in Darkness

Earlier today I got on the bus with an elderly man who lives in our neighbourhood. As we were going in the same direction we shared the same bus journey almost all the way.

I asked him where he was off to and he said he was going to check out an old friend to see whether he was still alive or not, which made me laugh. I love my friend's sense of humour.

During our journey, he reminisced about when he was in the second world war. He said he's seen so much death and destruction that he feels they've been stamped in his memory. He talked about being in the "crazy" brigade who didn't care where they were sent to, they just wanted to fight. He said soldiers they didn't have a choice but to follow orders anyway, which are always coming from a higher command and so on. If you didn't shoot someone, someone would shoot you.

I asked him if he had any happy memories of the places he was sent to. He said he only remembered places being bombed and being very cold in his uniform which was quite Spartan compared to the German soldiers who were always very smart in their fancy jackets and boots. He said when he left the army he had an injury but he received no assistance from the Army.

I asked him if he was going to attend the annual Remembrance Day Service and he said he wasn't. He said he wasn't interested in reliving those memories.

Wow, to think I once had a dream of joining the army. I applied when I was eighteen but I failed the final interview. At the time I was very upset. I later realised it wasn't the lifestyle for me anyway.

I asked my friend if he'd ever been married. He said he got married before the war. She was a beautiful and wonderful woman. They had one child. He said although his wife has now passed on, he still feels her guiding him. For instance, if he doesn't arrange the cutlery the way his wife used to, he feels her hands correcting him. He said he was so happy being with her. He stressed how important it is to find a good partner you are in complete harmony with and who will inspire you.

It got me thinking that even when my friend was going through that "dark" period at least he had his wife's love and support to keep him going. It may very well have been her love that kept him alive. He said they had a very happy marriage. It's good to know he's still got wonderful memories of his wife now to keep him inspired.

No matter what we're going through, there is always the Light of Love shining in darkness.

Love to all.


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