Thursday, 8 November 2007

Something's Got to Give

Life is a paradox.

On the one hand, God/Source/The All There Is has given us everything. In fact, as I am, we all are, all that the Source is being, we don't have to do anything to earn our Good. It is all ours for the taking. On the other hand, to experience my Good, there's always a price to pay in exchange. In other words, something's got to give. What do I mean by this?

Well, imagine you're about to refurnish your home. In order to accommodate your new furniture, you're going to have to get rid of the old somehow whether you dump them, give them away, or arrange for the furniture company to get rid of them for you. However you do it, you're going to need to create space to make room for the new. This is what I mean by a "price to pay."

In Reality, we're in perfect health and in constant joy because wholeness and joy is who we are. However, the paradigms that humans are dreaming up would have us believe that we have to do things the hard way and earn our keep after all, "Money doesn't grow on trees." We have to seek our joy and to do something in order to be in wholeness. In order to experience Reality, where all things are free, you're going to have to give up the human beliefs; it is that simple.

Like majority of people, I went through the various programmes that made me forget who I am. When my true self revealed Herself to me, I realised that in order to experience this reality at all times, something had to give. I had to choose whether to continue to follow the world and identify myself as the world identifies me; or I give up the world's definitions and be my True Self. I couldn't have both; it's either the world or Reality. Decisions, decisions! You would think it would be very easy to choose Happiness, wouldn't you? I mean, why would anyone choose pain and suffering over real love and happiness? That's because it's a lot easier to put up with what one is used to - that which is known - than to give all that up and trust in the "unknown" that goes against everything one has been conditioned to believe. Let's look at a few examples of the unknown:

According to the world's way, my identity is only limited to my human identity, heritage, experiences, thoughts and emotions; while my True Self's identity includes all experiences and all realities.

The world encourages you to protect yourself by attack or defence; with the True Self there is no attack or defence, just love.

The world has an obsession with doing; my True Self is being.

There came a point when I had to demonstrate whether I was serious about walking the path or just blowing hot air. Can I trust in Love for my supply or not? Do I believe in the Love's omnipresence or not? What do I care about more: what society believes or being true to myself? I didn't have a choice but to trust in my True Self to guide me through that "unknown" territory. I can't say it's been easy, but it's a path that is full of wonder and ever new joy.

Here are a few more examples of "something has got to give" in action.

In the Bible when Jesus met his disciples he asked his disciples, some of which were fishermen, to "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4: 19. The disciples gave up that livelihood and trusted in Jesus and followed him. Jesus ended up teaching them a whole new way of being that is still influencing billions of people today.

In this parable Jesus teaches:

45: Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:
46: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.
Matthew 13

I can so relate to that "pearl" that is so valuable the man had to sacrifice all he had for it.

In Carlos Castaneda's The Active Side of Infinity, one of my favourite books, Don Juan, his teacher asks him to break away from his friends. Don Juan believes breaking away will enable Carlos to die to his person when he will learn to enjoy his own company and not care whether he's with friends or not. Enjoying his own company will also enable the inner silence that he's accrued over the years to come to life within him. Carlos doesn't think he can follow Don Juan's guidance because he believes his friends are his point of reference. Don Juan tells him that if he's to continue on the "warrior" path, he's going to have to make Infinity/Spirit his only point of reference. Carlos tells his teacher he can't comply. Don Juan tells him he can no longer be his teacher and they part company, though Don Juan knows Carlos will be back.

At first, Carlos is jubilant to be free of his teacher. He immerses himself in his lifestyle with his friends until he starts to realise that the time he's spent studying with his teacher has changed him. He finds himself judging his friends and realises he is no longer happy being that "person." He ends up living on his own until his person "dies." In the meantime, he goes into a business partnership. Soon he finds himself trapped and so unhappy with the situation he starts contemplating suicide. One day, Don Juan pays him a visit. He advises Carlos to dissolve his business partnership at once. Don Juan tells him: "For infinity, the only worthwhile enterprise of a warrior is freedom. Any other enterprise is fraudulent." That moment when Carlos dissolves his partnership is when he finally gives up the world in favour of Infinity. He resumes his studies with Don Juan. While he still keeps his job at the university, Carlos is now doing everything from the standpoint of Infinity.

There are many examples of people who are not following any "spiritual" path but are still very much aware that to be successful at what you do, something has to give.

The other day, a children's book about the British footballer, David Beckham was brought to my attention. It was easy to read; I actually finished it in about 10 minutes. I liked how disciplined and one-pointed David's focus was and still is. His dad was mad about football and encouraged him to play and he loved it. While his friends were busy doing boys stuff, David spent all his spare time playing football and practising. He was soon talent-spotted and playing in a football team. A lot of people consider David to be a genius. Of course he is; the art of being a genius is being focused only on what you love doing. David chose football above everything else and he became an international football icon.

No matter what paths we choose, everyone reaches that "breaking point" when they have to choose. If I want to follow the desires of my heart, something's got to give.

I choose Love.


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