Thursday, 29 November 2007

Sharing the Joy

In Thanksgiving Guests I posted a picture a friend had sent me with muppets sitting round a table having their Thanksgiving dinner. I received the following in response to that picture. My friend has given me permission to post it here.

Now I gotta tell you something pretty funny: (and true). . .Your cute little Thanksgiving post with your cute little picture of the Muppets' Thanksgiving Celebration made me laugh because my pal, [Al], is the person that Jim Henson, originator of the Muppets, modeled one of his supporting muppet characters after. He's the puppet that wears dark sunglasses & a black beret, swathed in a beard & mustache, hands glued to his saxophone & never says anything, but when spoken to always answers, "mgrphh-h-h-h".

The puppet's name is 'Big Al'--absent from your Thanksgiving card & rarely seen at all these days except in the re-runs of the original cast shows, but pretty funny when he does appear. "mgrphh-h-h!!"

It's amazing what magic happens when you share the joy.


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