Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Remember Who You Are!

In last night's two episodes of StarTrek Voyager called Workforce, Kathryn Janeway arrives for work in a new job at an energy plant. She seems excited about her job. However, things are not how they appear.

The truth of the matter is Kathryn is actually the Captain of the star ship, Voyager. When the ship encountered some radiation, she and her crew had no other option but to leave the ship in escape pods and head for the nearest planet. Before the captain left, she handed command to the ship's holographic doctor, who wasn't affected by radiation, until they return. The captain and her crew were soon rescued and given medical care. Little did the crew realise that it was their rescuers that had attacked their ship with radiation in the first place. As part of the care they received, the crew were reprogrammed to forget where they're from, and programmed with new memories and skills so they could be employed in the plant.

Kathryn doesn't remember that she is captain of a ship nor does she recognise any of her crew. As far as she is concerned, she's in the plant to do a job. She soon gets into her job and finds herself in a relationship with a man who works in the plant. However, Tuvok, one of the crew from Voyager starts to remember who he is. He tells Kathryn that they don't belong there but she doesn't believe him. No one believes Tuvok. A doctor in the plant diagnoses him with "dysphoria syndrome" and begins treatment.

Although the crew have forgotten who they are, a few feel some close connection. For instance, Tom Paris finds himself drawn to a pregnant woman called B'Elanna Torres. B'Elanna tells Tom she's not open for a romantic relationship but Tom tells her he's willing to be her friend. For some reason, Tom feels very protective of B'Elanna. It turns out Tom and B'Elanna are actually married in "real life."

In the meantime, three members of Voyager - Chakotay, Neelix and Harry - have been away on a mission. They are not aware of what has happened to their colleagues or the ship. When they return to the ship, the doctor informs them of the situation. After scanning the area, they discover what planet the crew are living on. Chakotay has his face surgically altered then he and Neelix beam to the planet. They have no problem securing jobs at the plant because there is a huge shortage. They hope they can try and rescue their colleagues.

Chakotay and Neelix have to contend with two obstacles. The first obstacle is the crew don't remember who they are. Kathryn, for instance, can't accept that she could possibly have another life other than the one she now has. She is now so attached to her current life, she's even decided to move in with her new boyfriend.

The next obstacle is the people who run the plant. Why would they want the Voyager crew to know the truth of who they are and risk losing their workforce and all that profit. The plant owners will do all they can to retain their Voyager workforce including eliminating anyone who tries to get in their way.

To cut a long story short, a few people start getting suspicious and the truth does come out. The crew are beamed back to their ship and have to go through reprogramming in order to accept their real identities. In the final scene, captain Janeway tells Chakotay that though she now realises her life on that planet wasn't real, she could very easily have stayed in that reality forever. When Chakotay asks her if she regrets being rescued, Janeway says she doesn't.

For me, the "Workforce" episodes represent life on earth right now. I believe we all have missions here to express who we are as infinite beings. Some of us have even planned to work together. However, most people have become so stuck in their programmes that they've forgotten who they are. It's as if majority of people are "sleeping." Those who benefit from people being "asleep" are doing all they can to maintain the status quo. Those who remember who they are are reminding others of their true selves, but not many are prepared to accept this truth because they are too attached to their "creations" to let them go.

Well I remember who I am. I know what I'm meant to do here. I also know that because I know who I am nothing will get in the way of fulfilling my purpose.

Remember who you are!


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