Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Boy meets girl and boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl decide to have a long term relationship leading to marriage, kids, house, etc. After a while boy and girl feel they are no longer in love, yet they try to make the relationship work. After trying and trying, boy and girl decide it's not worth their while and go their separate ways.

On the other hand...

Boy meets girl and boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl realise that though they appear to be experiencing that love, it is their True Selves, Infinite Love that is doing the loving and relating. Boy and girl are simply instruments for their True Selves to express through. This love is inexhaustible.

If everyone is a potential instrument for Love to express through, does that mean I can be in a relationship with everyone?

It is true that the love of God/True Self can certainly be expressed through everyone. It is also true that underneath our human veneer we all have the same attributes. However, how we express these attributes is what makes each of us unique. I believe Infinite Love connects us as our True Selves. It is that connection that brings people together in physical form. The trick is for the couple to remember that the love they feel for one another is not human but of God, the True Self, which is limitless and unconditional. Otherwise, if you think of the love in human terms then it is limited and can only be given with conditions.

When you know that it is the True Self/God/Love doing the loving and relating, you realise that love is available in many forms and through many channels not just through your partner, family and loved ones. That opens untold possibilities to experience love.

I am my True Self.


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