Wednesday, 28 November 2007


I am getting into the habit of letting Love that I AM be me. This means letting Love take the rein in all I do.

My intention was to get home in the quickest time possible and in comfort.

At the bus stop where I was waiting, I had two options. I could either catch a bus and change at the nearest bus station; or I could catch a bus that takes me all the way home. The first bus that arrived was the one where I had to change. I decided to get on. Before I did, I checked to see if the direct route bus wasn't behind. It wasn't. During the journey I looked back and saw the direct route bus was right behind. Where did that spring from? Not to worry, I can always catch it at the bus station. It does look crowded though and I'm not in the mood to be squashed. At the next bus stop, the bus behind sped right past. Not to worry, I'm sure I'm sure I'll catch it at the bus station. By the time the bus I was in arrived at the bus station, it was too late to catch the one in front.

I knew that since Love is in charge, Love had deliberately let me miss that bus for a reason. A minute or so later, an empty bus arrived. I was able to travel in comfort, just the way I like it; and my bus ended up overtaking the one in front anyway.

Obstacles are not always what they seem.

Love is all there is.


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