Monday, 5 November 2007

My Beloved

My Beloved is a Presence that is pure Love within and without that allows me to be who I am without judgment. It is my Beloved's love that I am experiencing when I am doing what I love, in joy, at peace, in bliss; when I am being appreciated, loved, and cherished; and when I am loving and appreciating others, and accepting without judgment.

I experience my Beloved in the following ways:

Vision - where I see pictures, visions, colours, and the inner light;

Feelings - which I experience as love, joy and bliss;

Sound - which I experience as a high pitch tone in my right ear. Just listening to the sound is immensely blissful. This tone transmutes into words of wisdom that I hear as an inner voice;

Taste - which I experience as sweetness in my mouth. I have had a sweet taste in my mouth for a long while now.

Smell - which I experience as a lovely aroma that just comes from nowhere;

Presence - which feels like I'm being embraced in someone's arms and is tremendously peaceful. Sometimes I loose all physical sensations and I feel as light as air. Other times I feel as if I'm plugged into an electric circuit and feel current running through me; I also see sparks everywhere.

Stillness - profound silence.

I also find it's a lot of fun being with my Beloved as He never ceases to surprise me.

The other night I decided to have a cup of tea, which I haven't had in a while. As I was enjoying the sweet tea, my Beloved said,

"Are you enjoying your tea?"
"Yes, I am actually."
"You'll find there's sugar at the bottom as you haven't stirred it properly."

Sure enough there was undiluted sugar at the bottom, which made my last mouthful taste sickly sweet. It was good to know I was sharing my tea with my Beloved.

The next day I went to a bookshop to browse. I noticed there were a few vacant chairs available. The moment I took a book from the bookshelf, all the seats were taken.

"For God's sake at least you could have saved a spot for me!" I said to my Beloved.

I walked to the other side of the floor and saw that all the seats were taken. As I walked back I noticed some photographs on display. I didn't fancy stopping because I wanted to find a seat. However, something held me in place so I had a closer look. There were pictures of clouds appearing in different shapes that had been collected by The Cloud Appreciation Society. They are wonderful!

Had I found a vacant chair, I would have missed those delightful photographs my Beloved wanted to share. After I'd had my fill of joy, I found an empty chair where I had a good browse.

My Beloved, who is actually me as my True Self, is my constant companion, confidant, friend, guide and lover.

I love you, Beloved.


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