Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Mind Boggles

A while back while I was waiting for my bus at the local bus station, a woman approached me.

"Excuse me, do you know how I can get to Ikea?" she said.

(Ikea is the home furnishing store).

"There isn't one around here, I'm afraid," I said.

"Are you sure? I heard they've just opened a big store up the road from here. They've even got a shuttle service to take their customers from this station to their shop and back again."

"Really? That's news to me," I said. "Are you sure you're not thinking of the one near Wembley? That's the closest one I know of, but it's miles away."

"No, I'm sure there is an Ikea around here."

"Sorry, I can't help you. Good luck anyway."

About six months after our conversation, Ikea did open a store up the road. They also provided a shuttle service to and from the shop for their customers. No wonder the woman at the bus station couldn't find what she was looking for - she had turned up six months early. I wonder how she knew about the shop though. Maybe she was from the future.

That time anomaly is how my True Self, who exists in all time, expresses HerSelf which can be mind boggling to the linear cause/effect thinking. To avoid confusion, I find it's best to ask Self what She has in mind.

So I asked my True Self what I should be focused on. I had an idea to read an article I wrote a while back called God Doesn't Make Mistakes, as a reminder to me that no matter what the circumstances, everything is in perfect order.

The day didn't appear to be unfolding perfectly, however. First of all, the library I was working in had to close for lunch because of short staff. I decided to use another library close by and come back later. When I returned, I was told their computers weren't working. I knew it wasn't a network problem as the computers in the other library were working perfectly. I had a feeling the library staff were disgruntled over their working conditions. The computers were only mirroring back their attitude. I wasn't a happy bunny either. I blessed the library, computers and staff with love.

While I was waiting for the computers to come back online, I picked up Pride Magazine and flicked idly through it. I couldn't believe what I came across - an article about my former university lecturer. A week ago I met a woman on the bus who was a professor at Nottingham university and we discussed my former lecturer who is now a baroness. Fancy seeing the same lecturer in this magazine! (See Expect the Unexpected).

Even though my day didn't appear to be unfolding according to plan, it was all perfect as far as my True Self was concerned. I wouldn't have picked up that magazine if the computers were working. I returned the magazine to the shelf. I decided I wasn't going to hang around waiting for the computers to come back online so I went to the other library. While I was waiting to be allocated a computer, I noticed the colour of the chairs matched my purple jumper. I had a feeling I was meant to be in this building after all. Suddenly I could see that the building was symbolic of my real body of light that doesn't experience time, sickness, aging, death or reincarnation. I was showing myself that I need to focus on that body. I ended up writing an article based on this realisation.

It is my True Self, Soul, Infinite Self that is experiencing life. Life is always unfolding in perfect harmony with Her purpose. When I forget who is really in charge, life appears chaotic. When I try to impose conditions and rules on that which is unconditioned, the mind boggles.

My True Self doesn't make mistakes.
It's all perfect; it's all good.


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