Saturday, 3 November 2007

Loving the World Within Me

Since I woke up this morning I've been feeling as if I'm plugged into some electrical circuit. I was literally seeing sparks all around me. I felt live current passing through my body. I also felt some movement around the top of my nose and forehead area.

I mentioned this to a friend via email and I directed some love to him. He said he'd actually felt it. Well, what's the use of having all that love if I can't share it with my friends?

Next, it was time to direct the energy to the world.

I opened up a map of the World; I like the fact that you can rotate and adjust the size of this globe.

I then felt energy being projected from my forehead and heart to all parts of the world.

What is the world anyway? It is no other than a representation of my beliefs appearing in form that appear to the senses as a physical/material world in a physical/material universe. In other words, though the world of forms appear to be outside of me, it is all within me, in my thoughts. All physical/material stuff are mind stuff and as solid as air; at least that's what is real for me and that's all that matters, no pun intended.

By projecting the energy to the world, I'm actually directing it to myself. And round and round the energy goes. Where will it stop? Nobody knows.

I can see myself having lots of fun with this exercise loving the world, loving me, loving the world, loving infinitum.


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