Monday, 19 November 2007

Love For Love's Sake

Some people might argue that real love is the ability to allow others the freedom to be who they are. That's one way of looking at love.

There is another kind of love which is about loving whether you have shared beliefs or not.

Yesterday, I asked a friend, who sends out transcripts of spiritual teachings, to take my name off her list. I said she could still continue to send me fun emails she receives from time to time. She said as she only has one list, I had to decide whether I wanted all or nothing. I told her I thought she had separate lists for different stuff she sends out. I said I appreciate the fun emails she sends out and would still like to receive those. However, if it wasn't possible to send them separately then I was cool with not receiving any emails from her. She asked me if I was sure as she didn't want me to miss out on any emails that resonated with who I am being. I told her that would never happen as anything that resonates with me will always find its way to me in one way or another.

The exchange with my friend got me thinking about why we share stuff. What happened to sharing for the sake of sharing because it's fun to share the joy of who we are being? What happened to love for love's sake?

Recently I observed two girls, aged about six years, playing with a balloon. Although they'd only just met, it didn't stop them from having fun at that moment. They didn't care whether they had shared beliefs or similar backgrounds, they just had fun playing. That's why people love having or being around babies because they are open to love. Babies don't discriminate, they love for love's sake. As kids grow older, they are programmed to only love certain kinds of people. Before you know it they've become adults who can only be with people they have things in common with. Some adults have kids to help connect them with their joy and so the cycle of life continues.

While I appreciate young kids, I don't need to have or be around kids to be in joy. I only need to know who I am as infinite joy. Joy makes life effortless, unexpected, magical and so much fun. Joy makes me feel alive.

I'm not here to compare and contrast beliefs but to share my joy. Are you game?


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