Monday, 12 November 2007

Living By Your Principles

I have written elsewhere about a conversation I had recently with my neighbour who is a Second World War veteran. One of the topics we discussed was how as a soldier he used to carry out orders. He said even when you didn't agree with an order you had no choice but to carry out the order otherwise you will end up being shot. He said he knew a few people who were in that situation. I guess the armed forces is no place to have principles. If you don't believe in going to war, don't join the armed forces, unless of course you don't have a choice, like my friend.

It got me thinking about principles. What if you know you are part of a system that manufactures products that are causing harm to millions and even generations to come, would you still do that job because it puts food on the table and it supports your family? I'm sure there are many people in that predicament who are very much aware of the effects of their livelihood but feel they can't get out because they're frightened of the unknown. Some people have chosen to be whistle-blowers and have had to face the consequences. Sometimes people experience "Divine Intervention" when they are removed out of that system, though it doesn't always feel "divine" at the time.

In the book "Saved By the Light" Dannion Brinkley's describes his two near death experiences. The first "death" occurred after he was struck by lightning. He found himself on the "other side" and he went through a life review. As he used to work for the military at the time, he was shown how one act of violence has a ripple effect on many lives. He was devastated to discover how much suffering his job had been causing people. The reverse side of the coin was when he did something positive the ripple effect affected many. Now Dannion was his own judge and jury. His guide didn't judge him because he understood Dannion was doing the best he could at the time.

After his life review, Dannion was then shown more than one hundred visions of the future, a lot of which have come true. He returned with a mission to serve humanity and to inspire others to love. He's also spreading the good news that there is no death. Dannion never returned to his former job; he had been given a new lease of life, albeit he had to "die" twice in order to experience that life.

I have worked in both commercial and public sectors. I never felt comfortable being part of the system so my way of coping was doing contract work. It was nice to have the option to stay for a few months and then leave. At first I just did it for the money. There came a point when I started becoming conscious of my spiritual nature. It was then I realised there was a presence with me at work. There were times when I would be typing out some document and have an idea that it should be written in a particular way but I wouldn't change it because I didn't think I had the technical expertise. My boss would then incorporate my "revisions" and I'll find myself typing what I had in thought.

Sometimes I would end up in a department with someone who was awakening to their nature as spirit and it would be wonderful to meet a kindred spirit. Other times I had jobs where I did nothing but write up insights I was receiving.

After working in various companies, I felt it was time to gain some legal experience, which meant a lot more money. The last company I worked for was as a Personal Assistant to a partner who was renowned for being grouchy. No one wanted to work for him. His favourite catch phrase was "get rid, get rid!" Temps passed right through him like water. We got on really well because I was always in my peace and I wasn't prepared to put up with any nonsense. After working with him for a few months, I felt like I was getting sucked into the office politics and it was time to leave. Before I left, I gave my boss some energy healing though it was all very hush hush.

After I left that job, I took a few days off. I expected to be in another contract job soon after, but the Universe had other ideas. All the employment agencies told me it was very quiet and they couldn't find me work, even though I was one of the most experienced temp they had in their books. It was as if the word had gone out that no one was to employ me. After a few months of unemployment it finally dawned on me that that path had been closed in order for me to focus on my real purpose. So you could say, I was pulled out of that system by Divine Intervention, though I wasn't exactly thrilled about it at the time.

Just because I no longer work in banks and legal firms doesn't mean I'm not part of the system. I still live in the world. I still shop at supermarkets and buy various products and I'm sure some of the ways these products are being manufactured are not exactly ethical. Let's take one example, food products. I find one way I can make an impact on the system is to be the Cause/Love i.e. bless everyone involved with love.

Bless the animals sacrificing themselves as food;
Bless the farmers;
Bless all fruits and vegetables;
Bless factory workers producing these food products;
Bless the supermarket staff;
Bless the food products;
Bless whoever has prepared the food;
Bless everyone involved in the whole food chain.

Of course, I could always opt out of the system altogether where I don't use any of the products. Since I'm not yet able to manifest food/products from thin air, I'm going to have to stick with being Love for a little while longer.

For anyone working in an environment where they feel their principles are being compromised, I would say you can play your part right where you are by being Love. Love everyone. The danger is the system may very well turn against you. For instance, if you're working in a legal firm and are being love, that love is likely to affect everyone including potential clients. Since legal firms thrive on having clients, in order to survive the firm is bound to release you for your services rendered. Another way to look at it is that as you are being true to who you are, it is your True Self that is releasing you out of that system and putting you in an environment that is in perfect harmony with your real purpose on earth. Always remember your needs will always be met, you just have to trust in your True Self.

Whatever you're doing, be true to yourself.

Love to all.


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