Thursday, 1 November 2007

Letting Nature Take Its Course

I was working on an idea for an article but it wasn't coming together. I had a feeling the idea wasn't seeking to be expressed right now, so I abandoned it. It was then I had another idea that wanted to be expressed NOW as this article. Here goes...

Once I was sitting in the local park overlooking a playing field. It was cool and quite cloudy at the time. I watched people walking and taking their dogs for walks. I thought it would be fun if I could play with the pigeons resting in the middle of the field. Hey pigeons, how about if one of you guys fly in a circle and then head into the tree above me? I also thought it would be lovely if the sun came out to play. I kept watching the birds for any signs of action but they stayed put. When it started getting chilly I decided to head off home.

Just before I got off up of one pigeon left the flock, flew in a circle then headed up to the tree I had in thought. That was fun! Thank you, bird. I decided to walk round the field. When I reached a certain point the sun suddenly came out and for a few minutes it literally blasted me with its rays. Thank you, sun.

What I found interesting was how my wish was fulfilled effortlessly. I didn't have to force the birds to do what I wanted, nor the sun to shine. Everything worked perfectly in a way that was natural for them.

It seems to me that the desires of my heart get fulfilled in a way that fits in naturally with who I am being. That's why I can't make things happen or try to make things work. Trying is going against the grain of who I am; I only end up causing myself grief. All I can do is be Myself and let nature takes its course.

Speaking of letting nature take its course, here's a comment a reader posted for an article I wrote, where I cite Al Koran's book, Bring Out the Magic in Your Mind.

"I came across Al Koran’s book in 1970, when I was at all-time low in my life. I decided to use his visualisation techniques to try to conjure up money! I cut out a bank advert showing piles of cash and meditated on this every night. The cash came to me but not in the way you would imagine! What happened was that the next year(1971)I took a job which was very averagely-paid but within a year we had a parity award with other workers, leading to everyone’s wages increasing by 75%! This lasted for 8 years and the money kept going up and up without stopping. This clerical job was the best paid job I ever had so as far as I am concerned, Al Koran’s techniques do work." Self-Belief

I believe the money the reader wanted came to him in a way that was natural for him. No one knows you better than yourSelf. Perhaps, Self decided that he was more likely to be open to the increase in salary approach than the way he'd imagined.

Another way nature takes its course is by like attracting like. It's amazing how I've been able to connect effortlessly with people I wouldn't normally have met by simply putting out ideas out on the Internet that had attracted like-minds. We've ended up sharing ideas and even formed some good friendships.

Here's one example of like attracting like in action.

While I was working on this piece, a lady I sometimes see in the library asked me if I could help her write her CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume. I told her I couldn't help her because it wasn't my forte. I said there were websites that provided advice on how to write professional CVs. She said she'd been thinking of employing a professional, but someone suggested it would build her confidence if she did it herself. I told her I didn't see the point in putting herself through aggro when she could let someone who likes writing CVs do it instead. After chatting to her for a few minutes, we exchanged hugs and I said goodbye.

In the meantime, a man I sometimes chat to was sitting beside me working on the Internet. He received a call on his mobile. He mentioned he'd been away in Australia. After he'd finished his conversation, I asked him about his trip to Australia as I've been there before. He said he'd been on a 3 week surfing trip. It turns out I've been to the beach he'd been surfing at. He also told me he had just updated his CV on the Internet and the call was from an employment agency offering him an interview the next day. He said he'd heard me talking to my friend about writing a CV but had been too busy to assist. He suggested a local company that can write her CV for her for free. I emailed my friend and passed on the information. I thought it was amazing how quickly like-thoughts came up with an instant solution to my friend's problem.

Instead of trying to make things work, I would rather let nature take its course, effortlessly.


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