Sunday, 18 November 2007


When two or more agree on something, they give it a meaning. Give this meaning further attention and you end up having a belief. As more and more people energise that belief, it becomes an experience that is so real, people believe it is logical to have that experience when in fact it was just a nothing that was energised into a something.

During my bus journey yesterday evening one guy lit up a cigarette, even though smoking has been banned in all public transports. The passenger in front didn't like it and turned round to make his feelings clear. The man with the lit fag got pissed off and told the guy it wasn't any of his business. And so they started arguing. Although I was several seats in front, I could hear them loud and clear. I sent love to everyone on the bus.

The two men reminded me of two dogs growling. They growled and they growled until the guy who had lit the cigarette got up to leave with a woman he was with. As he was walking away he swore at the other man who retaliated with "mother fucker!"

The man came back and said, "What did you say?"
"I said 'you fucker!'"
"No, you swore at my mum."
"I didn't swear at your mother!"
"Yes, you did."
"I didn't, you mother fucker!"

The next thing you know the guy grabbed the other by the throat. I fled from my seat as they were now way too close for comfort. As I watched them from the front, I couldn't take their actions seriously at all; both men's behaviour and facial expressions reminded me of a Pantomime, pure slapstick.

Other passengers turned round to watch the spectacle. The bus driver flicked the lights on and off signalling he was going to terminate the bus at the next stop. I decided to leave the dogs at it and headed downstairs. The guy who had started the fight was close behind me.

"Driver, driver," his opponent said. "Please keep the doors closed. An offence has been committed and I've reported it to the police."

The bus driver opened the doors anyway and we all got off. I don't suppose the driver was in any mood to take the dog fight seriously either. I noticed the guys walked away in opposite directions.

Imagine how many situations can be easily diffused if we didn't take them seriously. You either don't give the situation any meaning or make it look ridiculous. I mean imagine if the police were called and I was asked to give evidence.

"Well, officer, I only heard a couple of dogs growling which developed into a fight."
"Would you recognise those dogs if you saw them again?"
"I doubt it, as they looked like ordinary mongrels to me."

Speaking of not giving things meaning, last night I had a sore throat again and felt my entire body aching. My mother, who has been coughing and sneezing, asked me if I wanted some of her honey and lemon remedy but I said no. Did I want some tablets? I declined. I said I was going to have an early night and meditate.

As I see it, taking pills and potions gives meanings to the experience that I have such and such an illness. What happens when I identify with a certain illness, I end up connecting to all the beliefs about the illness. I decided not to give myself any healing either. All I know is that my body is nothing but light. Nothing else has any meaning. When I woke up this morning the soreness had got worse but I refused to give it any meaning. I got up, hoovered the flat, had a shower and went out. The soreness has now gone.

In a world of meaningless projections, I can only be sure of two things: I exist and my sense of humour is always intact. The rest are just dogs growling over nothing.



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