Thursday, 15 November 2007

Expect the Unexpected

Yesterday evening when I arrived home, my mother said her friend had just left. Her friend had turned up unexpectedly and brought her lots of food some of which she shared with me.

As I was getting ready this morning I pondered about how the way the world works is in complete contrast to how I have observed Love works.

The world says when you give, it has to be from a mentality of "what's in it for me?" Therefore, before you give you measure how much you're going to receive in return otherwise it's simply not worth it. You also expect to receive something in exchange from the one you're giving to.

The world says that the only time you should give unconditionally is to your family and loved ones as that is what is expected of you.

Love encourages me to give what I have without expectations, which can be anything from love, time, insights, appreciation, happiness, money, blessings etc. What I give always returns magnified anyway. Imagine sending out a thought of love. That love picks up similar love vibrations and then returns magnified though one can never be sure in what form it will take. So just stay open and let Love surprise you.

Before I left home I discussed what I'd been thinking.

"Mum, I've been thinking about how all you give to me and others are returned to you in different ways. Look at the way your friend showed up last night with all that food."

"Funny you should say this because my other friend, P, and I were talking about this yesterday afternoon. What you give always come back though not necessarily from the person you give to."

"Or the way you expect it to come," I said.

"Exactly. Anyway, there I was watching Coronation Street when the door bell rang. I thought to myself 'who the hell could it be at this time?' Because it gets dark early I thought it was really late."

"God doesn't care about time, mum. He is constantly pouring His blessings in every moment."

"You're right. Anyway, when I answered the door it was M. I was really surprised. She said she'd prepared some food which she gave to her kids and she wanted me to have mine. So she came all that way by bus. She got stuck in traffic for ages. At one point the bus driver terminated and all the passengers had to get off. Then the bus driver changed his mind and the passengers got back on. I couldn't believe M came all that way just to deliver the food. She is such a generous and good woman."

"Well, I believe it's never any person doing anything good but God. That's why it didn't matter how long she was travelling because it was God doing it anyway."

"Yes, I know what you mean. It was such a lovely surprise though seeing her."

"It just shows how the love you give out comes back in unexpected ways."

When I came out of the house this morning, I noticed my neighbour was putting out some rubbish in her dustbin. We exchanged warm hugs. Just down the road I noticed another neighbour and she gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. It's amazing the many guises Love takes.

Here's another example of Love in action, which happened a few days ago.

When I got on the bus there weren't any seats available so I stood next to this woman who had a magazine open on her lap. I noticed the article was about identical twins who were deliberately separated at birth because of a social experiment. As she was busy chatting to her friend sitting next to her, I didn't want to interrupt their conversation. But my curiosity got the better of me, so I asked her what magazine it was. She said "Grazia" and told me what issue it was. As I had been thinking a lot about twins, I was curious to read the article.

As more passengers got on, I moved further down the bus. I noticed this woman with a bunch of yellow flowers, which I thought were beautiful. She seemed deep in thought. Soon the seat beside her was vacant and I sat next to her. I suddenly had this urge to speak to her. I told her how much I loved her flowers. She said they were unscented roses. Roses happen to be my favourite flowers but I hadn't recognised that variety. She said she'd bought them as a thank you for a friend she's staying with, who happens to be unwell. She said she lives in Nottingham. I told her I've been to Nottingham and described a theatre some friends once took me to in the town centre. She knew exactly where I meant. After that we talked about life. I told her how much I believed in love even though my relationship hadn't worked out. She said not to give up hope. She said she's 51 years old and only got married for the first time last January. She told me her name, which has an Egyptian origin; and it meant "hope." I thought it was amazing travelling with hope.

My friend teaches social work at Nottingham university. I told her I'd studied cultural studies, which I found was an excellent tool to deconstruct my identity. She agreed. She asked me where I had studied and my tutor's name and I told her. She said she'd heard of my tutor who left soon after I graduated. As far as she was aware, my former tutor has now been made a baroness. That was very interesting because only recently I had a thought about my tutor whom I really admired at the time. I wondered what she was up to. I know I could easily have looked her up on the Internet but it was good to meet someone who was able to answer my question. I thanked my friend for her timely messages and wished her and her friend lots of love.

After my friend got off, I marvelled at how wonderful it was that Love had arranged for me to sit next to my friend. However, I would never have experienced Love's blessings if I hadn't made the first move by giving love and appreciation. Later, I noticed the woman who had been reading the "Grazia" magazine was about to get off. As she walked past me, she said she was now finished with the magazine and wanted me to have it. I was so grateful to receive her gift. I really enjoyed reading the article.

It's funny how gratitude was the theme on that bus: my friend bought her friend some flowers to thank him for staying; "gracias" is thank you in Spanish; and "grazie" is thank you in Italian. The magazine I was given was "Grazia."

I am so grateful Love is all there is.
I always expect the unexpected.


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