Friday, 16 November 2007


I have to say that most of the love that I experience and observe from others are full of conditions.

"I love you because you are my father, mother, daughter, son, lover, wife, husband, friend."
"I love you because of the things you do."
"I love you because you are so beautiful."
"I love you because you are my soul mate, angel, guide, higher self."

There have been very rare occasions when I've felt that pure love from someone not because of what I am doing or represent but as an unconditional good feeling. Then I've tried to label it, package it, and identify it. The feeling ended up being tainted somewhat and full of conditions. Why, oh why, can't I just enjoy the feeling for what it is without feeling the need to label it?

Incidentally, in today's issue of Sport magazine is an interview with Mick Fanning, who has just been crowned surfing world champion. According to the article, it's the first time an Australian has won this title in eight years. The last champion, Kelly Slater, was champion eight times. Hmmm, I wonder if 8 is the magic number? ;-)

I found this part of the interview interesting.

Why do you do it [surf] then? Would it not be safer playing, say, snooker?

"Yeah, I do it because it's like the agony and the ecstasy. When you ride a big wave, it is just the greatest feeling - a real adrenaline rush."
Mick Fanning Interview

I know that feeling very well. I believe that "greatest feeling" Mick is describing can only be experienced, which for Mick is expressed as surfing. Though I call this feeling Love, it's not something I can quite put my finger on. There have been times when I've woken up from sleep and haven't remembered where I am or who I am as this form, and yet I've remembered that feeling. I have just known that feeling to be my essence. Don't ask me how I know I am that feeling, I just do.

I believe on those rare occasions when I've met someone who has loved me for no reason, he has been reflecting back to me who I am as that feeling; and it's been pure ecstasy. It didn't matter to me whether we had shared beliefs or not, it was just wonderful to bask in the feeling, until the need to identify and define it took over. Labels and definitions only appear to mask the feeling, but it never goes away.

I don't know why I feel the way I do about you, I just do.


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