Monday, 26 November 2007


Sometimes I feel so much love that I just want to hug everyone. At least I do so in my thoughts, but sometimes this backfires on me.

On my bus journey, I embraced all the passengers in my love. When I got off the bus, I sat and waited for my next bus. A guy approached the stop and looked at the timetable. He asked me how he could get to a particular area. I told him he needed to get two buses. He thanked me and came and sat beside me. He grabbed my hand, kissed it and said thank you. I told him he was welcome. He kissed my cheek.

Hang on, this is getting way too familiar.

He asked me where I lived, where I was going, if I was single. I told him I was living with someone. I've long since learned that the easiest way to ward off attention is to lie. He said he was from Turkey. He said he wanted to take me out for a drink so he could thank me. I told him there was no need. As we waited for our bus, he wanted to hold my hand. As I didn't see any harm, I let him.

When my bus arrived, he got on as well and sat beside me. He put his arm around me but I told him I would rather he didn't. He went into a sulk. When we arrived at his stop, he asked me if I wanted to go for coffee and I said no.

In the meantime, another guy sitting opposite was smiling at me. I thought he was sympathising with my situation. As soon as the other guy got off, he was right beside me asking me the same old questions - where I live, was I single, could he take me out. He was also Turkish.

What is this, Turkish Delight?

I thanked him for his attention but declined his offer.

The problem with Divine Love is that it doesn't discriminate. Give out love and people pick up on the vibes and give it back in many forms. I don't mind receiving love as hugs, friendly kisses and holding hands. But I draw the line when it comes to exchanging bodily fluids; this is when I do discriminate because I know deep inside who I am meant to have that kind of relationship with.

My body is a temple; only that Special ONE is allowed entry.

Love to all.


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