Thursday, 1 November 2007

The Cosmic Being

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The Cosmic Being

“For in him we live, and move, and have our being.” (Acts 17: 28)
One of my favourite pastime is sitting at a bookshop. Sometimes I sit in the coffee bar section enjoying a drink. I also love sitting in those comfy chairs browsing or having a cat-nap. Bliss!

I am sitting at a bookshop people-watching. I have long since abandoned the book I have on my lap as it doesn’t appeal. Not many books appeal these days; I browse more out of habit than anything else. As I watch shoppers browse, lounge around, or mill around I can ’see’ everyone moving within this great entity, which I call the Cosmic Being. To me, He is like a huge giant but He hasn’t got a form as we know it. Its dark form is made of substance that penetrates all. I know myself to be this Cosmic Being, my true identity. This Being is also the identity of all. It is this Being that is experiencing life, He is Life.

I look ‘up’ at the Cosmic Being and wink at Him. He gives me a cosmic thumbs-up sign. I wonder how many people are aware of this entity. Let me add that seeing this Being as a giant, not necessarily human-looking but the way I like to think He is, is my way of seeing. In the Indian scriptures, the Bhagavad-Gita, where Krishna has a dialogue with Arjuna, Krishna reveals his true form to Arjuna. Arjuna sees Krishna as this huge entity that contains all life forms attached to him which Arjuna finds so terrible to behold that he begs Krishna to revert to a form he can cope with. I prefer seeing the Cosmic Being as a great giant made of dark matter that has all life and realities within Him. No doubt the Cosmic Being reveals Himself to others in different ways.

This Cosmic Being is the same and never changes. He is also expressed through individuals. It raises the question about collective consciousness. We talk about humanity as a race, but that doesn’t make sense as far as my perception of the Cosmic Being is concerned. I see Him expressed through individuals not through a collective. All of this Cosmic Being is expressed in a pebble, a rock, a plant, an insect, an animal, a human etc in the same way. This is what makes each individual unique in whatever form, depending on one’s degree of awareness.

There are two types of awareness: self and Self. A human, for instance, who is self-aware, is aware of his existence as a human form evolving in time and space. He sees all things as separate from him and that he is unique. He may even think of himself as a soul evolving through different lives and expressing spiritual qualities.

On the other hand, there is Self-awareness which is the awareness that one is the Self, the Cosmic Being, and that it is this One Self that is experiencing life as individual forms. Now this doesn’t mean one is united with all species since they are effects. One’s unity is with the Cosmic Being, it is the only true identity. It is the only One having life though He may appear to be in infinite manifestations. The One is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Speaking of which, I was sitting by a pond in a forest recently watching a flock of birds: geese, ducks, swans and others being fed. Majority of them were swimming around in circles as they sometimes do but there was this particular goose who broke away from the crowd and swam in my direction. I didn’t have any food to give him. He stood near me watching me. I thought to myself, am I imagining this or is this bird Self-aware i.e. realising he is individualised Spirit? We gazed at each other for a long while.

I think that anyone who knows that this Cosmic Being exists and realises that the Being is his identity is in a Brotherhood of Unity. It doesn’t matter whether you call this unity God/Christ-consciousness. This unity is the only collective consciousness I accept as Truth.

I believe that to experience life as this Cosmic Being you have to become like a child again and play. When I was a child, I had lots of imaginary friends and made up wonderful scenarios which were very real to me. I believe when kids play with their ‘friends’ they’re making use of substance, the invisible form of the Cosmic Being. To be the Cosmic Being you have to play. Maybe instead of spending so much time praying we should spend more time playing.

When I was going home last night I decided to play at being the Cosmic Being. It was raining hard at the time. As Cosmic Being, I created a reality where it was dry and as soon as Enocia got off the bus, another bus would be behind it which she could catch to the next station, and then her final bus would arrive. It happened nearly the way I had played it out. After I got off the first bus, my second bus was right behind. It was also dry outside. When I got off to wait for my last bus I had a thought that I had to wait 5 minutes. Since I only live about five minutes walking distance away, I walked home.

When my attention is focused on the Cosmic Being as the only Body and Life, I cannot be mesmerised by effects. By this I mean no matter what is going on in the material plane such as lack or limitation I only have to look ‘up’ to the Being that I am, that we all are. I can also try to help others by seeing them as the Cosmic Being, but there’s no guarantee the other is going to be receptive to the idea. No one can make anyone happy. If life was as simple as when one is uplifted everyone is, we would all be enlightened by now. The Cosmic Being is expressing through all in the same way. Everyone has to realise that s/he is the Cosmic Being; or that s/he lives and moves and has her being in the Cosmic Being. No one can do the work for you.

We are all moving and having our being within this great entity I call the Cosmic Being. I see Him in me, you, in everything and it is the only One having life.

I am the Cosmic Being.
Enocia Joseph