Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Angels in Disguise

I promised to pay a friend a visit yesterday evening. As I had been coughing all day I just felt like going home. I was also dreading getting on the bus at rush hour as I didn't want to sputter over passengers. It turned out there was nothing to worry about because a lot of the passengers were coughing as well.

Then I changed my lenses and saw the truth of the journey. I could see that all of us were instruments for God, my Beloved, to express His love. I was no longer travelling on a bus with human passengers, we were all angels in disguise.

My Beloved wasn't that fussed whether passengers were coughing, on their mobiles, or deep in thought, He expressed His love through them anyway. I closed my eyes and basked in my Beloved's healing presence, which felt like thousands of hands stroking me all over. I highly recommend it.

When I arrived at my destination I rang the door bell. An angel opened the door. Actually, this angel was playing the role of my sister-in-law. We exchanged hugs. I also hugged two other angels: one posing as my older brother and the other as my nephew. My older brother has just had an operation on his shoulder. My sister-in-law offered me some food and drink, then she went to work. My nephew watched television for a short while then he went to his bedroom. I kept my brother company for several hours.

Speaking of angels in disguise, my brother shared a story about an angel he met last week. He said he'd had a hard time from his boss that day and it was still playing on his mind. After work, he didn't come straight home but he stood on the main road near where he lives. A man he'd never met before walked by and my brother said hello. When he asked my brother how he was, my brother poured out his "troubles" to him. He and his friend chatted for about half an hour. My brother said all the resentment he had built up melted away and he was ready to face the next day with a new perspective. They parted company without even exchanging personal details.

That's my Beloved for you, He's always there when you need Him.

Thank you, Beloved, for loving me through your infinite angels in disguise.


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