Monday, 12 November 2007

Angel of Light

Right now I appear to be a physical body in time and space sitting in front of a computer screen, on a chair and typing away at a keyboard. The building I'm in is a lot warmer compared to the temperature outside. I am only conscious of stuff going on in my immediate vicinity. Apart from that, I have no clue what's going on in the world. Or am I?

And then there is the me that is omnipresent Light. This means that though I appear to be bound in one location, I'm actually present in all locations.

How is this possible?

Right now I'm experiencing 12 November 2007 and yet as Light I am in all times. Thus, if I were to fast forward to 12 November 20007 I am already there. Go back to 12 November 1007 and I am already there.

Right now I'm in London and yet as Light I am in all space. Go to any country, planet, galaxy and you will find my presence.

Right now I appear to be focused only on one website and yet as Light I am in all websites.

What the hell am I? Human or Light?

I am an angel of Light.


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