Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Always at One

"We tend to think that just because someone is invisible that that person is not close by. The truth is that we are not separate at all. I've had experiences where I've thought of someone I care very deeply for and felt his fingers stroking my cheek and they were as real as my own fingers. I can even feel his presence. So it makes no difference that he's not "visible", he's still very much visible as far as I'm concerned." Invisible Users

Despite appearances, we live in Heaven now. What is Heaven? It is no other than a consciousness where we are all being our true selves that is full of joy, peace, love, and laughter. In Heaven we are always supporting and loving one another. Some of us are even working together as Spirit though our senses would have us believe otherwise.

A few nights ago on the bus, I heard someone laughing. The person's laughter sounded like a friend's whom I haven't seen in a few years, though we keep in touch by emails. As I listened to the woman's laughter I kept thinking of my friend. Suddenly, this woman sitting in front turned round and stared at me. She looked so much like my friend. She kept looking back at me. Could it be my friend on the bus? No, I'm sure it's not her. I needed to get a closer look just in case. When she got up to leave, I saw she was only a girl and she wasn't my friend, but for a moment she had looked so much like my friend. The woman with my friend's laughter remained on the bus until the last stop.

It's funny how I haven't seen my friend in years, yet I still remember her voice and her laughter. It is usually through someone's voice that I can feel when they are being real or not. And laughter is one sure way to experience someone's essence as Joy.

I had it in mind to email my friend the next day, but she beat me to it; I received a fun email from her which I responded to. We ended up exchanging personal emails and sharing where we're at. It was good to be in contact though we've never really been apart.

I know I live in Reality now. I only need to think of someone and I feel their real self, not the one who is playing ego games, but the real self. I was thinking of another friend the other day while I was waiting for my bus. Two women appeared. One was about to jump on the bus waiting at the stop. As they exchanged hugs and kisses, one said "I love you lots."

The other woman touched her heart and said, "Our love is reality not fairy tale."

Just as that moment, a van went by with part of the surname of the friend I was thinking of. I knew the experience was my friend's way of acknowledging my love.

Yesterday I had a thought that I was going to receive an email from a friend sharing how they experienced my presence. Well, today I received the following email from a friend. I have asked my friend's permission to share the story. I have also removed personal details.


Dear Enocia--I can't begin to tell you how beautiful is your post entitled My Beloved. . . I fully embrace having a love affair with God (i.e., our brothers & sisters, & our higher selves--all experienced as One).

Today we were driving around the old town ('old' to us, anyway--American Revolutionary-era seems old), where I took [x]l for an errand this morning. I parked our car in front of the square where the big Old Dutch Church (1663) stands, impressively commanding the center of the 'historic' district. The old elm trees & the young crabapple trees dotted the l8th century cemetery scattered about the enclosed grounds, and I found a comfy park bench to sit on & closed my eyes to enjoy the little bit of the warmish sun on my face & hands. Between my closed lids I could still see dappled colors of the fall leaves on the trees shimmering all around me. It was sparkly, grand, & warm in the November sun.

When [x] finished with his errands, we started back for home & as we came around one of the corners, still in the old part of town (the section that charmingly overlooks the Hudson River), I happened to look sideways because the sun caught my attention as it glanced off the side of the face of a person walking casually down the street. I mentally blessed the face as we passed, remembering to ask Christ to see thru His eyes while at the same time wondering why the sun caught my attention in the first place.

All of a sudden I felt it was your face I was seeing/experiencing. I have no idea why. I could actually feel the sun on your face as if I held up my hand to cup your cheek. It was so unexpectedly & quietly delightful--and very endearing. I really felt the Realness of you for a few moments, with no other explanation for it other than to be gifted with an experience of sweetness. Thank you, Enocia. Thank you Christ. Thank you Father.

All My Love, [x]


While our beliefs might appear to put distance between us, in reality we are always at one being our true selves.

Love and light.


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