Sunday, 7 October 2007

You Rang, Milady?

So a friend emailed me and asked if I'd called him on his mobile. He said he heard his phone ringing but he couldn't answer it because he was in a meeting. When he checked to see who the caller was, the number wasn't registered. My friend asked if it was me as my caller ID is not registered when I call. I told him I hadn't called him nor had I even been thinking of calling him at the time.

Twenty four hours later, while I was travelling on a bus into town, I closed my eyes and experienced myself as the boundless sky. It felt like I was travelling forever at great speed and I lost all sense of time. When I opened my eyes, I realised the bus had only been travelling for a few minutes. I closed my eyes again and sank into my being.

Suddenly, I had a memory of calling my friend's mobile the day before. It was quite bizarre because while I knew that I hadn't consciously called him, I could vividly remember calling his mobile. How is that possible? I had a thought to check the list of dialled numbers on my mobile. Sure enough, my friend's number was listed around the time he had received the call. The only logical explanation I could come up with was I must have called him in my thought!

This is not the first time I've acted in thought. Earlier this year the same friend said he had a record of my reading his blog even though I hadn't consciously done so. I have also replaced a photo on my blog with fractals without consciously remembering doing so. (See While the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play).

While I was on the bus I decided to try out a fun experiment with a couple sitting in front of me. In thought I ruffled the woman's blonde hair. Her boyfriend was wearing a cap. So in thought I lifted his cap and put it down again. The first thing that happened was there was a breeze which ruffled the woman's hair. After a few minutes she ruffled her hair with one hand. However, nothing happened with the man's cap. Finally when they got off the bus, the man lifted up his cap and then put it back on again.

I thought it was hilarious! It would have been even more fun if the cap had lifted itself. I believe when things appear to move by their own accord, there are simply "invisible" hands working behind the scenes.

Back to the call. Why did I phone my friend in my thought when it hadn't been my conscious intention? How many things am I doing subconsciously? I guess it's time I merged all of me so that all my actions are conscious expressions of my being.

To my friend: Yes, I did call you after all, I just wasn't conscious I had. Sorry about that. ;-)


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