Saturday, 20 October 2007

What is Freedom?

This reality we collectively call the world is full of structures and rules. There are rules confining us to act in particular ways or we get penalised. Even my body has an inbuilt structure. The moment I eat more than my stomach could carry, I have to face the consequences.

We define the world in dualistic terms i.e. right/wrong; good/evil; pain/pleasure; male/female; black/white left/right; up/down; hot/cold; teacher/student; parent/child; etc.

How can I be truly free when I'm confined to structures?

These structures have to be broken down.


Stop identifying yourself with structures and know yourself as your true self that is boundless Light, Spirit, Freedom.

For example, when I know myself as Light, I realise that Light is in all things including those experiences I've identified as right/wrong, good/evil, etc. This means I am in all realities which breaks down the structures.

One reason why people might resist identifying with their boundless nature is the fear of annihilation. I mean, if I'm in all things, then who am I? What I discovered is that I never lost my identity at all, in fact I got to be the All of Me that is the ONE Light in all things and yet uniquely Me.

Freedom is knowing that I am both boundless and unique.


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