Saturday, 1 December 2007


The sky represents the attributes of the one Self that we all are that are bliss, freedom and boundlessness. Our beliefs and dogmas are like the clouds that are constantly changing according to the social mores of the day. The clouds can't stop the sky being itself. It doesn't matter whether it's stormy, cloudy or the sun is shining, the sky is always the sky. Am I Bothered?

Over the years I've experienced many ways of being. Sometimes I've seen the world through the eyes of love, sometimes through peace, other times through truth but it all boils down to the same thing, they are only paradigms, ways of seeing. I am not one thing or another, I am a zillion and one and then some.

In this blog I'm simply going to express myself in any way I feel inspired to in that moment. Like the sky I accept myself as who I am regardless. As the sky I also know that no matter what the experiences I am always the same.

Please note that the articles I'm sharing are my perspective and not meant to instruct readers in any way. Make of them what you will.

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Be happy.


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Articles in Alphabetical Order


A Prayer for the New Age - Revisited
A Real Classic
All the Very Best
Always at One
An Opportunity to Love
An Unbreakable Bond
Angel of Light
Angels in Disguise


Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Bear With Us While We Rescue You
Being Relaxed
Being the Gift
Being the Music
Being the Presence
Beyond the Veil
Beyond the Veil - Part 2
Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis


Cause or Effect?
Circle of Influence
Come On England!
Conspiracy Theories


Does the Past Matter?


Earthlog: The "Economy" of the Heart
Expect the Unexpected


Firing On All Four Cylinders
Free to be Me


God Doesn't Make Mistakes - Revisited
Gold Rush
Goodwill to All Men


Happy Sunday!
Harmless Fun
How Cute!
How to Overcome Language Barriers
How Would I Like to be Remembered?


I Cannot Deny Who I Am
I Just Need Some Space!
I Still Believe in You
I Wonder
Identity Crises and Wake-Up Calls
I'm Just a Love Machine
In Reality
Infinite Love in Every Moment
It's a Fix!
It's All Good


Journey in Mind
Joy or Madness


Knock Knee


Let It All Out
Let's Get Fanatical
Let's Get Some Perspective Here
Letting Nature Take Its Course
Light in Darkness
Listed Building
Living By Your Principles
Losing a Battle But Winning the War
Love For Love's Sake
Love is Magic
Love Messages and Why I Believe in Love
Love Will Always Find a Way
Loving the World Within Me


More About Relaxation
Morning Constitutional
Motherly Instinct
My Beloved
My Beloved - Part 2


Nature Abhors a Vacuum
Naughty Boy!
No More Mr Nice Guy!
Noise Pollution
Not a Person
Nothing Bleak About Winter


Old School
On Being Vulnerable
One Finger, One Button
One of My All Time Favourite Songs
One Million English Words
One Thought, Many Thinkers
Open for Business


Perceptual Positions
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


Quotes of the Day


Reality Check
Reality Check - Part 2
Remember Who You Are!
Remembrance Day
Rise Above It
Rugby World Cup


Sharing the Joy
Something's Got to Give
Soul Woman
Speed Reading
Staying Alert
Stick to Your Guns


Text Messages
Thank You!
Thanksgiving Guests
That's Democracy!
That's Me!
The Boys are Back, Alright
The Cosmic Being
The Mind Boggles
The Mist
The Power of Blessing
The Power of Prayer
The Soul
The Visitor
There is Always Light in Darkness
Thought Impulses and Detachment
To Whom It May Concern
True Love


What Goes Around Comes Around
What is Death?
What is Freedom?
What is Love?


You Rang, Milady?
You've Got a Friend
You've Got Mail!
Your Box is Empty