Tuesday, 9 October 2007


I've written elsewhere that I have observed two ways of being: stressed or relaxed. I said being stressed is not necessarily about the environment or whether I've got too much on my plate, it's really about the human programme or conditioning which lets people react to situations by either attacking or defending. This programme permeates the collective consciousness of humanity, past and present.

As I become more and more conscious of myself I can see how my body still reacts to the programme despite the fact that I know that my true nature is not defensive but is completely relaxed.

For instance, when I woke up this morning I noticed my upper lip was twitching. I told the lip to relax and it did. I told all my muscles and body to relax and felt at peace. Soon the phone rang and I felt my body go into defence again, which made me feel like going to the toilet. I told it to relax.

The bus station was very crowded this morning which was very unusual. I thought the crowd was due to the underground trains not working. Most of them didn't look very happy. When the bus I wanted appeared, I noticed its destination indicated it was going the other way. When I asked the driver why he was going in the opposite direction, he said the roads were closed, therefore, no buses would be going in the direction I was headed for several hours. I relayed the message to several passengers who got even more pissed off. They said if I hadn't asked they could have been waiting for hours.

It was then I realised that the reason why the station was so crowded was because they had been in the earlier bus that had terminated at the station. The only option I had at that moment was to catch two buses to my destination. While I waited I kept thinking of peace and blessed all the passengers with peace.

After about 10 minutes an empty bus arrived that was going where I wanted. What happened to the several hours delay? It just shows what blessing can achieve. We all piled on. One young man who was trying to sneak in his friend without paying ended up pissing off the driver. He asked both of them to get off the bus. When they refused he turned off the engine, which pissed off passengers who were desperate to get to work. I blessed everyone with peace. The two guys got off the bus and we were on our way.

During the journey there were many people waiting at bus stops. At one particular stop, the driver allowed people to get on through the back doors, which they don't usually do, except of course on bendy buses. The driver even encouraged passengers to stand upstairs which is a definite no no. He said he understood the situation and wanted to cram as many people in as he could.

My point is that with the human programme, you are either in peace or pissed off. Stay pissed off and the next thing you know you're feeling the worse for wear. Is it any wonder people get sick, grow old and die?

Instead of reacting emotionally to situations, I would rather reprogramme myself by being in a state of relaxation or in peace, and bless all situations with Peace. I have observed lots of wonderful things happen when one is in peace.

I am Peace.
I am Relaxation.
My body is Peace and Relaxation.
Peace be with you all.


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