Thursday, 25 October 2007


The environmentalists have got us all recycling rubbish these days, at least in the West anyway. Recycling is supposed to take the pressure off our depleted natural resources, or so they'd have us believe. It's not enough that we have our water recycled in London, now every week we have to separate our rubbish into glasses, plastic, tins and paper. Some people even take it one step further by separating their organic waste.

I have noticed that ideas get recycled all the time. Two weeks ago I wrote a piece called Rugby World Cup about England's impending semi-final Rugby match against France. I wrote: "May the team that grunts the loudest win." England won the semi-final because they grunted louder than their opponents, but they obviously lost the final to South Africa because of the same reason. At least that's my theory.

Anyway, look what I've just noticed recycled back at me: an article in Yahoo News called Experts Sound Off on Workout Grunting by E.J. Mundell. Note the first two initials are the same as my initials. I didn't write the article, honest!

Life is one huge circle. What I put out gets recycled right back at me.

Recycling love to all.


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