Monday, 29 October 2007

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

It seems to me that I keep having repeated experiences until I assimilate whatever that experience is trying to reveal to me. I'm not saying this is the way for everyone, but I find that is how things work for me. That's why it's important for me to follow my own guidance.

A week ago I had a migraine experience. At the time, I had experienced myself as split whereby there was a part of me that was pure awareness and observing the experience without pain; and another part that was acting out the experience and in pain. I decided that I was going to stop seeing myself as split and experience myself as Love. Since Love is all there is there cannot be a me that is an observer and the actor. Love is the only Cause. That realisation dissolved the pain.

Last night, while I was watching television, my vision was suddenly distorted. I noticed the aura that used to precede a migraine. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to put my money where my mouth is i.e. apply what I know to be true, Love as the only Cause, to the experience. I also remembered what a friend had shared recently about her experience of the aura, where she had simply observed the colours and had no headache.

Right, there is only Love going on here. I'm now going to observe this aura. I noticed that to my right was a circle of white light, which kept moving across my vision. While I could still see the images on the television, the glare from the light appeared to be distorting my vision in rather the same way glare from sunlight does at times. I watched the circle of light dancing in front of me, and it moved across the room. I also felt a spinning sensation inside my head. In fact, my whole body was spinning rapidly. Then I observed that the light, my body, the room, the television, everything was spinning as one vortex. It was quite fun being the vortex.

After a while I decided I'd had enough of the experience. Since I am the Cause of this, I can stop it. I observed my vision returning to "normal", though my body was still spinning but not as fast as it was before. I felt a twinge on my left temple signifying a headache.

Oh no you don't! I, as Love-Light, am the Cause of this experience. Only when I identify myself as the "I" that is both observer and experiencer do I have the equivalent dual experience of pain and no pain; light and darkness. I am Love-Light in all time, all space, all realities. I felt love coursing through my whole being and being projected into infinity, which dissolved the twinge. Then I returned to watching the programme, "Sixth Sense", the chat show with the British spiritualist medium, Colin Fry.

I am Light.
I am Love.
I am Me.

Thank you, friend, for your insight.


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