Friday, 5 October 2007

One Finger, One Button

A while back I got chatting to this security guard at a library I go to sometimes. He said his motto in life was: "one finger, one button." I asked him what he meant. He explained that everything can be pulled apart at the seams with one button. He said it only takes one switch to turn off the lights in the whole building. I thought it was an excellent concept.

Last night I watched a programme called "Inside Britain's Worst Sleepwalker" about some guy who was given a sleep makeover. Yes, a sleep makeover. The man sleep walks big time; he once jumped out of his bedroom window because he thought he was a bird. He said he's tried so many different types of therapy to no avail. He said his sleep disorder was affecting all areas of his life. The presenter promised the guy that his sleep disorder would be cured within a week or he can keep dreaming. He and the presenter, who was also a sleep walker, were admitted to a sleep clinic.

As part of his therapy the man was advised to change his diet, which it was believed was affecting his sleep pattern. He was then put under hypnosis. By the end of the week he was sleeping like a baby, which he hadn't done in many years.

When he was asked a month later how he was getting on, he said that not only was he now sleeping right through, his whole life had changed including his work, his social life, and his relationship with his girlfriend. He said he now felt better about himself.

I believe what the sleep walker had been seeking was peace of mind. Once his sleep pattern was resolved, that peace of mind affected all areas of his life.

The programme got me thinking about my friend's "one finger, one button" idea. It only took one button to sort other areas of the man's life.

Every time I see my friend he shows me his index finger and says: "One finger, one button. Love it!


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