Friday, 26 October 2007

Not a Person

The other day while I was working in the library, I felt someone's arm around my waist. I turned round to see who would dare touch me so intimately without my permission. The culprit was a toddler boy, maybe a year or two years old. Oh, it's you, that's all right then. He had been navigating his way round and grabbed my waist to steady himself. I said hello. He smiled and he ran off.

Later on a bus journey a young boy sat in front of me. His dark, saucer-like, eyes kept staring into mine. When he and his mother were getting off, he used my knee as a hand rail. Don't mind me!

Now both kids have one thing in common - lack of self-consciousness. By this I mean, they do not identify themselves as the small "I" in a bodily form. As far as both boys were concerned their body is the entire universe, including my waist and knee.

I believe that as babies we all identify ourselves as the Universe. That doesn't mean we are all the same though; each of us experiences the Universe from our own standpoints, which make us unique. However, as we all get socialised into the local dream reality, we are encouraged to identify ourselves as a person with a certain height, weight, colour, shape, gene, belief, etc. The more you identify yourself as a person, the more you appear to be disconnected from the whole.

Waking up to my true self is really about realising that my identity is the whole. This means that although I appear to be localised as a particular shape, my actual identity is the All There Is. Thus, all that I am not only includes my body but this computer, the keyboard, the desk, the chair I'm sitting on, the computer programmes, the people in the building, ad infinitum. In fact, every day is Me expressing myself.

Yesterday evening I stopped off to do some shopping at the local supermarket. I knew it was I as the Universe actually doing the shopping. Although they had recently changed the layout of the shop, the shopping was effortless because a shop assistant always popped up when I needed assistance. At the checkout, I got some plastic carrier bags. Because of the weight, I decided to strengthen the bags by doubling them. I noticed the assistant was helping me pack my shopping. I told her I preferred if the bags were double. She said she'd already doubled the bags because she knew the stuff I'd bought were heavy. Of course, I should have known that she was me; and as me she knows exactly what my needs are.

Thank you, friends, for your reminders that I am not a person, I am the Universe.


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