Tuesday, 9 October 2007

More About Relaxation

So I was talking to my mother about the importance of relaxation.

"Yes, doctors are always telling their patients to relax," she said, "but it's not easy being relaxed. I've even been told that I have a lot of tension all over my body."

"I find that when I simply just ask that part of my body that is tense to relax, it does," I said.

"That's easier said than done, " mum said.

"Actually it is easy. I'm not trying to make it happen, I'm just letting my body relax and it does."

My mother wasn't convinced.

Relaxation is not something I create, it already exists. In fact my body is relaxation. Thus, when I tell my body to relax, I don't devise ways to be relaxed, I am just letting relaxation happen.

Similarly, when I bless people with Peace, I know that Peace is present which then comes to life as a tangible experience.

I cannot make myself relax, I can only be relaxed.

Peace to all.


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