Friday, 19 October 2007


In the news the other day, they talked about how in 20 years time, more and more people in the UK will be over-weight. One expert said that this was due to cheaper food products that have high fat content.

I guess the expert's view is based on the belief that when you eat you keep adding to yourself. Your body either has to quickly burn off the calories or they become fat that stay on your body, which end up building up over time. In 20 year's time you end up waddling down the supermarket aisle. That makes sense, if you believe in that model of reality.

I can't say I have that problem myself. I've been the same weight 8 stone (112 pounds) for many years. I always find it interesting to hear why people think I'm slim. Some people believe it's because I do lots of exercises, which burn off the fat. Some believe I have a high metabolic rate, which breaks down the food and converts them into energy. Some believe I don't eat enough. Some believe it's genetic and I'll put on weight as I get older. A friend is convinced that if I have regular meals I'm bound to put on weight. I remember someone who thought I was a long-distance runner, which I found rather amusing.

My current weight and size feels natural to me. When I was a stone (14 pounds) heavier, it didn't sit well with me. At the time I had the belief that my body continues to store fat for days after. If I'd continued to hold that belief, I would have been carrying a lot more weight.

My eating patterns are like me really, unconditioned, i.e. not under any rules. Most of the time I don't eat till the evening when I have a big meal. Sometimes I have a bar of chocolate during the day and some food in the evening. Sometimes I have a bowl of cereal in the morning, my favourite being Weetabix, and dinner in the evening. There are times when I only have doughnuts all day, while other times I only feel like a bowl of breakfast cereal. I also snack on lots of tissue paper. In other words, I eat what I love or as the feeling grabs me.

Yesterday I had a bar of chocolate and in the evening, I had a bowl of Weetabix. After I'd finished the cereal, I still felt like some more food. My mother had prepared some casserole with sausages and vegetables. After having some, I was so full that by the last mouthful I felt queasy. I told my mother the food was very filling and I wasn't feeling too well. I said I was going to have to get rid of the queasiness the only way I know how - meditation. My mother, bless her, is now so accustomed to her daughter's quaint behaviour. She said she hoped meditation would make me feel better.

In thought I called on Light and asked it to dissolve the discomfort. Then I sat quietly watching television. I could feel my bloated stomach shrinking and the queasiness dissolving. In no time I was back to normal.

If I can eat anything I want and then ask Light to dissolve the evidence, this means I could create my own diet, the "Pig Out Diet." I can just see my diet book with the title: "Bingeing your way to your ideal weight." Maybe I should patent this idea. Nah, that's not my dream.

Whatever you're into, happy eating!


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