Thursday, 18 October 2007

Love Messages and Why I Believe in Love

It has been my experience that, despite appearances, we are always loving one another. When I tune into someone's true self, I feel that person's love, though I have found that everyone's love feels different.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling a bit down plus I felt physically unwell so I thought I'd stay home and lick my wounds. Besides, it would give me a perfect opportunity to listen in the silence. It felt wonderful to just be in stillness and bask in Love. After a while I asked to have clarification about my relationship with a friend who I consider to be my twin flame. Had I been dreaming about our love? I heard a voice saying "I love you." The voice said it was my friend. He reminded me not to focus on appearances but to believe in our love as it is real. I said I wanted confirmation that it was him speaking not my wishful thinking.

After I'd been in meditation for a few hours, I had a thought: "You're not going to spend all day in bed, are you? Come on get up."

"I don't feel like it," I said. "Besides, if I want to stay in bed all day and feel sorry for myself, it's my right as a sentient being to do so."

I love backchats, don't you?

I then received this burst of energy which made me feel like getting up. I was back in form and I felt amazing. My mother, who was at home at the time, was surprised to see me up. She asked if I wanted some food but I declined; I was already feeling nourished with love. I got dressed and decided to head off to the local library and check my emails and maybe do some writing.

One of the emails was from a friend who had read the article I'd posted at a forum I contribute to, written when I was in a place of doubt. She expressed her love for me and then shared a message she'd received from guidance as follows:

"The divine message that's coming through (complete with giggles) is as follows: Go and have a look at the Oxo tower and know that that's what the Universe is sending you - one hug and kiss after another..."

Her message was spot on. I knew it was a message from my friend's true self because we once had this running joke about Oxo gravy, a brand of gravy they sell in the UK. Oxo comes from the fact that I like signing my emails with the hug and kisses symbols (oxo).

I'm also very familiar with the Oxo Tower in London. The first and last time I was there was at a friend's wedding reception that was held at the restaurant on the 8th floor. Now, the number 8 is very significant for both my friend and I. So that was another confirmation that it was my friend's true self sending me that love message. I guess that's the reason why the voice had insisted that I get out of bed so I could go and read this confirmation via email.

Later in the evening I watched a reality TV show called The Restaurant, which is about couples competing to run their own restaurant in partnership with celebrity chef, Raymond Blanc. The final was on last night. The two finalists were as follows: two identical twin sisters versus a married couple whose restaurant was called "8 in the Country." I saw this as another message from my friend's true self confirming we were indeed twin flames as in the twins, and he "8" lives in the country. "8 in the Country" was crowned the winning restaurant. I watched the twins being interviewed later and they said they had every intention to set up their restaurant very soon, which I know will be a success.

Despite evidence to the contrary, the true self is always sending out love because that's His nature. You know you are being your true self when your heart is always open to love.

I remain faithful and true to my twin flame.
I believe in love.
I believe in myself.

Peace, love and happiness to all.


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