Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Let's Get Some Perspective Here

My mother and I were discussing a biblical character. She said, "I've often wondered what happened to her and her husband because the Bible doesn't give further details."

"I know what happened to them!" I said.

"Do you? What?"

"They died, that's what!"

"I know they eventually died," mum chuckled, "but I meant what happened to them before they died."

I knew what my mother was getting at but the way I see it, what difference does it make now? These characters, if they existed, played their part and they made their exit.

Speaking of which, a while back I was riding on a bus in a particular area of London when I suddenly had a vision of the place in about a hundred years' time. I was aware that all my loved ones had passed on.

Now don't get me wrong, just because people die doesn't mean I embrace death. In fact, I know that as we are all Spirit/Love/Light, and Spirit cannot die. However, the Death Programme is so ingrained in the human psyche that most people will not even entertain this idea. Even if I were to live till I was 500 years old without growing old, I still wouldn't want to be in this reality forever. There's going to come a time when I'm going to move on to another realm, reality, or whatever.

As I see it, I'm here to play my part in this game. Like the Biblical characters, I'm also leaving my mark. While I'm leaving my mark, I know that my experiences are only the tip of the iceberg because, in truth, nothing can be added to or taken away from my Infinite Being.

So now when I'm tempted to take life oh so seriously, I remind myself that in a 1,000 years time, who is going to care? I certainly wouldn't; I will be/I am too busy unfolding other aspects of my Real Self that is Infinite Being.


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