Saturday, 20 October 2007

Joy or Madness

At the bus stop a man beckoned for the bus to stop. When the doors opened, instead of getting on board like any "normal" person, he said "just another two minutes, just another two minutes, just another two minutes."

The driver realised he wasn't all there so he closed the door and sped off.

The man walked over to where I was sitting, pointed at a bus and started giggling. Then he walked to another man.

"When is your birthday?" he said.
"1234" he said.

When someone walked by the man said hello, giggled and clapped.

I reckon my friend sounded very much like a baby. Babies tend to speak gobbledygook and laugh for no apparent reason. Babies are full of joy.

Was my friend at the bus stop mad or in joy?

I reckon he was madly in joy.


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