Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Identity Crises and Wake-Up Calls

"The root cause of all human suffering, misery, aggression, hatred and self betrayal everywhere is a false belief about what I am. The ONLY solution for this problem is the truth." --John Sherman

In last night's Classical Star, the reality TV show where classical music students compete for a record deal and stardom, two more students were eliminated. Victoria, a talented violinist, was told that although she had opened up her personality, she was still too much in her head.

What did the judges mean by Victoria being in her head? The judges felt she wasn't expanding her love for the violin to embrace others so they too could enjoy her music.

Victoria agreed with the judges' appraisal. She said it was a "wake-up call" for her to be more open. The good news is that at least Victoria is only 16 years old; she has lots of time to master how to be the Music.

I believe most of us at one time or another have experienced wake-up calls, which tend to be either personal or collective. These calls serve two functions: signify that we are going through identity crises; and remind us to be true to ourselves. Now being true to myself doesn't mean just doing what I love, but realising that my identity is omnipresent Love-Light, which embraces the all.

Years ago when I was feeling suicidal, it was my wake-up call to remind me to be true to myself. At the time, my identity expanded to include my body, my family, my genes, my heritage, my qualifications, my job, my desires, my beliefs, my stuff, my friends, and my nationality. I believe there's nothing wrong with having desires and interests as long as they're not perpetuating the little sense of self as a person. Things started to change for me when I expanded my sense of self from the personal that sees herself as a being in a body having personal experiences; to the impersonal that embraces all while still expressing Self through the personality. This meant learning to experience the world in a whole different way from the way I had been conditioned to think. Instead of focusing only on number 1, I had to expand number 1 to include the all. Thus, as the Impersonal Self, my desires and interests always bless the all.

Speaking of which, I watched a documentary on television recently called How to Get Ahead in Africa. The journalist explored corruption in Africa, well in Kenya and Sierra Leone anyway. (I lived in Sierra Leone as a child so I do have some experience). Everybody does it from the very poor to government officials. The journalist stayed in a shanty town in Kenya where corruption is so accepted as the norm, you can't even get a job without bribing someone. When the journalist tried to build a shack in the area, he had to pay thousands of Shillings to the locals before he could proceed. The journalist pointed out that corruption is not simply an African problem but a global issue because billions of state funds are being siphoned off to banks in the West. While it is commendable for initiatives such as "Make Poverty History" and "Live8" to raise money for the poor in Africa, he argued that the core issue, corruption, should be tackled instead otherwise people who need the resources most will never receive them without having to bribe someone first.

As I see it, "corruption" is one of many global wake-up calls that remind everyone to be their true selves, Love. Be Love and Love dissolves the problems.

I am Love.
Love and Light to all.


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