Friday, 26 October 2007

I Just Need Some Space!

It was rush hour in the evening and the bus was crowded. The only seat available was next to this guy who was taking so much room, half of my bum was hanging out. A woman in front of me was carrying a bag which kept hitting my knee. I asked her to mind her bag and she did. The next thing you know, another guy got on to my right and his bag kept hitting the same knee.

I wish I could just have some space!

I am Space!

I blessed everyone with peace and relaxed.

At the next bus stop more people were scrambling to get on board even though the bus was full to capacity. Someone getting off was caught in the door and it opened automatically. The doors tried closing again but something was in its way and it reopened. Then it wouldn't close. The driver got out and tried to close it manually from outside. In the meantime, the guy next to me had had enough and he got off. I moved to his seat. Aha, space! Funnily enough, no one wanted to sit next to me.

The driver returned to his cubicle and turned the engine on but it wouldn't budge. After several attempts the driver made an announcement that because of a mechanical fault, the bus was going nowhere. He advised us to get another bus.

Oh, no! What happened to my lovely space?

As we were getting off, passengers were moaning and groaning at the driver for wasting their time. There was another bus behind. I decided I would let the crowd go and wait for the next bus. Only 5 of us passengers remained; the rest were determined to get on the other bus by hook or by crook.

After a few minutes an empty bus turned up but it said it was "Out of Service." Then the driver changed its destination sign to where I wanted to go. My wish had been fulfilled, I had managed to manifest an empty bus during rush hour. I even sat in my favourite seat.

At the next stop, a man got on and he sat next to me.

"What's wrong with the other empty seats then?" I said.
"Oh, never mind!!

I just need some space!

Maybe, he wanted some company or he sat next to me to annoy me. In any case, my friend got off after two stops.

For the rest of the hour long journey the bus was practically empty, which is very unusual for that time of day.

I am space.


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