Monday, 8 October 2007

How Cute!

As I was waiting at the bus stop, I noticed a woman and her young daughter getting off a bus. The little girl had got one foot stuck in the handle of a blue plastic bag and was dragging it along with her. Her mother told her to lift her foot so she could remove the bag but the girl wanted to remove it herself. She tried to lift her foot but couldn't quite manage it. I thought the girl's movement was quite funny. I noticed a woman beside me was giggling.

The girl's mother finally cut the handle so the girl's foot was released. As they walked away the little girl got her foot in the bag again and dragged it with her, which made us roar with laughter.

"She is so cute!" the woman beside me said.

Funny how a little girl gets her foot stuck in a carrier bag and she's seen as cute. When an adult does the same thing, either no one pays any attention or he's seen as stupid.

Well, I may look like an adult but I'm still cute. In fact, I'm downright adorable.


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