Saturday, 6 October 2007

Firing On All Four Cylinders

The other night I watched Dancing with the Stars, the American equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing, where celebrities team up with professional dancers who teach them the art of ballroom and Latin dancing. Then celebrities and dancers compete with one another to be the series champions.

I know people pooh pooh these reality TV shows but one thing I do get from them is they reveal our infinite potential. In other words, just because someone is focused on doing one thing and appear to be good at that profession or art doesn't mean he can't be something else. It's only a matter of focus and releasing that aspect from within.

For instance, after a couple had danced one judge's criticism was that he felt there was a lot of movement in the guy's hips which he wasn't releasing. Another judge said to one celebrity that she was so good she was firing on all four cylinders. This meant she had awakened the dancer within her.

Right now I'm focused on the writer within me. Perhaps one day I'll release the surfer in me like Kelly Slater. Then again, if I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath...under water. :-)

For me, the purpose of life is to release the infinite power and intelligence within me. Only then am I firing on all four cylinders.


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