Monday, 15 October 2007

Circle of Influence

While I was travelling on the bus the doors wouldn't close. After the driver's third attempt and still no joy, I decided the bloody doors were uptight and blessed them with peace. I wondered if they would lose their cool after I got off the bus. Well the doors didn't misbehave throughout the journey. As soon as I got off, the doors got stuck again. I blessed them one last time and they closed. "You're on your own now, mate," I thought as the bus pulled away.

I can imagine there were many different thought forms in that bus. The doors may very well have picked up on this and reflecting the mood of the bus passengers. Peace uplifted the environment and affected the doors. The moment I got off the bus, it was back to "normal."

Surely peace is everywhere present. Why do I have to bless the door with peace? I guess peace is everywhere present but it needs to be activated within and without. One who can activate peace or whatever has enormous influence on people and things around them.

There are some people who naturally seem to uplift others by their outlook or their presence. This means they've activated their joy and they are always joyful. Some people make you feel depressed when you're around them.

I'm reminded of the following:

"The sorcerers of my lineage maintained," don Juan went on, "that the presence of a double being - a nagual is sufficient to clarify things for us. What's odd about it is that the presence of the nagual clarifies things in a veiled fashion. It happened to me when I met the nagual Julian, my teacher. His presence baffled me for years, because every time I was around him, I could think clearly, but when he moved away, I became the same idiot that I had always been." The Active Side of Infinity
Is it any wonder thousands of people flock to see gurus in India? Because they know that simply being in their presence is enough to raise one's vibration.

It's a lot cheaper, of course, to simply be the peace that I am by blessing others with peace...and the odd door.

Peace be with you all.


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