Sunday, 28 October 2007

Cause or Effect?

On the bus this woman behind me was chatting on her mobile phone. When she finished she switched her music on. It was Dancehall, which isn't exactly my cup of tea; and it was on full blast. I could choose to be in silence where the music has no effect. I decided to be the Love that I am instead. I felt my love gushing out from all parts of me to the universe. Within a few seconds, the lady turned her music off. She asked me if I knew where a certain landmark was. I said I didn't it but I would at least let her know when we got to the area and then she could look for the place she wanted. After a while the lady turned back her music on. This time, the song didn't sound as dissonant as it had before. It was as lf my love had transmuted it to resonate with who I am. I even started enjoying the song. I heard the woman asking another man if he knew where she was looking for and he did. He told her exactly where to get off. When she was getting off, she thanked me and said goodbye.

When I got off the bus, there were two guys at the stop asking passengers if they had tickets. The idea is if someone has finished with their day pass they can give them up and the guys would sell it to make money. The guys were drunk and rowdy. No one offered them any tickets. As I waited for my next bus at the same stop, I felt my love flowing everywhere. I looked round and saw that the guys had disappeared. Maybe, they didn't resonate with my love vibes.

Earlier today the satellite started playing up. I did all I knew to do but no picture was forthcoming. So I projected love from my heart and asked Love to sort it out. I still pressed the buttons on the remote but nothing happened. After a while I pressed another button and the picture was back on.

So I have a choice how to experience life. I could be the cause or effect. One binds me and the other gives me freedom.

I am Cause.


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