Monday, 29 October 2007

The Boys are Back, Alright

Ever had those days when you keep seeing the same old theme around you? I am.

A month ago I had a misunderstanding with someone. Instead of dwelling on it, I emailed my friend a story I had written called Clean Slate, which was inspired by the Backstreet Boys song, "As Long as You Love Me." The song is about forgiveness and we decided to let go of the experience and have a clean slate.

Last week someone brought to my attention the dancing cockatoo who likes Backstreet Boys. The song the cockatoo is dancing to is called "Everybody." The lyrics go:

Rock your body
Rock your body right
Backstreet's Back alright Everybody - lyrics

A few days later, I read in the newspaper about Backstreet Boys' reunion though there are now four members instead of the original five. They were promoting their new album called "Unbreakable."

Last night while I was channel hopping on television, I came across the making of Backstreet Boys' latest music video. They also showed some of their old videos including "Everybody" but there wasn't a cockatoo in sight.

So Backstreet Boys are back with a vengeance, not that they ever went anywhere. Good on you, boys!


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