Thursday, 18 October 2007

Being the Gift

If I think of myself as a writer and I'm not producing any writing, I'm blowing hot air. In the same respect, it is only when I give love that I am truly being the Love that I am.

A few years back when I was feeling really low, I had an inner prompting to share what I had. I thought I had nothing to give. At the time I was measuring my worth in terms of what material possessions I had to offer. The Voice within said I was to share who I was in writing, which is my gift. Even though I didn't know how this was possible, I trusted in the Voice to provide the resources necessary. I soon started sharing my experiences on the Internet. I never thought of what impact my stories would have, I was just happy to do what I love. I felt like I'd been given a new lease of life.

Over the last few years I've received hundreds of wonderful emails from readers expressing their gratitude about what I share. I've even made lots of new friends. It just shows how one woman's mundane bus journey can be transformed into a journey to the stars for others.

A few days ago when I wrote about how I was feeling despondent, I was amazed at the love and support I received. Most of all there was no judgment from anyone regarding my relationship. I guess as I don't judge myself, I got mirrored back what I believe about myself.

I'm now going to share a love letter I received from a friend I've never met before that really touched me. She even sent me a photograph in which she looked very familiar. I know we are Sisters in Love-Light. She has given me permission to share it:

Dear Enocia:

Although we have not met in form, I feel as though you are my Sister. Because you Are!

I have been a visitor at TGP [forum] for several years and so enjoy your writing and humor and joie de vivre. You have been on my heart lately and perhaps I felt your need for healing.

I started drafting this email to you yesterday when I read your post(s) and was waiting for guidance to tell me just the right thing to pass along to you. Guidance came last night and what was indicated was... "send her Light and Love". So, during my evening meditation, I asked: "Holy Spirit, who needs Healing, Love, Encouragement"...and, among others, you came up for me. Along with HS, I surrounded the symbol of Enocia with Light and "hit send".

I read your post this morning that said you woke up feeling the Love of your Self. There is no greater Witness for me than that! As you are healed, I am healed. What we give, we get to keep.

Your writing is very important to me. It has helped me through some rough times, making me feel and Know that there is a Sister out there that is working hard on herself. And making me laugh just when I needed it. And, making me feel like I'm not an alien in this messy place called "the world".

The Course states, "It's simple". But, it sure 'ain't easy sometimes.

Thank you for all that you do. You are so very Lovable!

I am the gift of love. As I give of Self, I receive of Self.


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