Thursday, 11 October 2007

Bear With Us While We Rescue You

Three days ago, my mother and I discussed the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I couldn't remember why the girl had gone into the house and what happened in the end. My mother was convinced the bears made her feel welcome and they all lived happily ever after. I wasn't so sure about her post-modern version. So I asked my pal, Google, who informed me that Goldilocks was so terrified she ran out of the bears' home and never returned. I guess there was some kind of moral of the story there about young blondes wandering off alone in a forest.

Fast forward to today and a friend has just sent me, via email, the following story about a bear. No sign of Goldilocks though, I guess she's learned her lesson.

I guess my lesson is not to think of bears unless I want a bear hug.


Bear on (under) Donner Rainbow Bridge

"A bear was walking across Rainbow Bridge (Old Hwy 40 at Donner Summit, Truckee) on Saturday when two cars also crossing the bridge scared the bear into jumping over the edge of the bridge.

Somehow the bear caught the ledge and was able to pull itself to safety. Authorities decided that nothing could be done to help Saturday night so they returned Sunday morning to find the bear sound asleep on the ledge. After securing a net under the bridge the bear was tranquilized, fell into the net, lowered, then woke up and walked out of the net."